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Cheeky Sunfire

Todays update is another wonderful masterpiece from ma lil brother Kadz =)
Please take a closer look at his gallery on deviantART.

4 Years of Joy

We celebrate 4 years of Joy.
On November 24th in 2014 we published the first picture. And in the last 4 years many good things happen.
And we are really, really thankful for everything you gave us.
We are thankful for all the nice words, mails, comments, fanworks, autograph-orders, friendships and much much more.
Every year we did something on this special day. This year “M” made a little comic about… Well, just take a look!

We hope you enjoyed our work and stay true to us. Because that is what gives us the strength to continue our work! <3

Joy of Sunfire - 4 Years - Page 1

Joy of Sunfire – 4 Years – Page 1

Joy of Sunfire - 4 Years - Page 2

Joy of Sunfire – 4 Years – Page 2

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