Download the songs we have used for trailers and video here for free!
Just right-click on the links and choose “save as…” to download.

The Truth Inside by River Music Project
Song for the first trailer-video to present “Set 1 – The Beginning”
Download – The Truth Inside
Cover - The truth inside


Nothing can hold me by I.F. Beerens
Song for the second trailer-video to present “Set 6 – Relaxation”
Download – Nothing can hold me
Cover - Nothing can hold me


Within the Sunfire by M. Gruber and M. Ackers
Official and unique “Joy of Sunfire-Song”
Download – Within the Sunfire
Cover - Within the Sunfire


Team Sunfox by I.F. Beerens
Used for the promotion-video outtakes and bloopers.
Download – Team Sunfox
Cover - Team Sunfox


Promotion-Video 2015 Song by I.F. Beerens
Song for the Official Promotion-Video 2015
Download – Promotion-Video Song 2015
Cover - Promotion-Video 2015