I get many questions about different things around ponyplay and my work via notes, messages, chats and e-mails. But some questions I hear frequently. So here is the FAQ ^^

Q: How difficult is it to walk on that Ponyboots?
A: It is not very difficult to walk, but it is difficult to stand still. When we make outdoor-sets, and the ground is uneven, I wear other shoes with legwarmers over it.

Q: Most of your sets are black and white. Why?
A: Well, maybe it seems like, but the most sets are in color. Set 1 and 2 are in color. Set 4 is completely black and white. Set 3, 5 and 7 have BW and color pictures, and Set 6 and 8 are completely colored. My outfit is black except the hair and the bandages. So some of the sets look a little like they are black and white only.

Q: All your pictures are ponyplay-pictures with the same model. Why?
A: Because I am not the photographer, I am the model, and this is my account. So I upload my pictures. And the other thing is that I am “Joy of Sunfire”, and Joy is a pony.

Q: Where the name “Joy of Sunfire” came from?
A: Some horses (commonly Dressage- and Racehorses) have these longer names like “Breeze of Ice” or “Ray of light”. Well mine is “Joy of Sunfire” or short Joy. The name Sunfire came from my animal parents. The mare “Sun” and the stallion “Fire”.

Q: Do you wear your outfit right now?
A: No. Some people think I love wearing the outfit and do this all the time. I wear it when we make ponyplay or photo-shootings. Sometimes to check it and making changes. But my fetish is the ponyplay, not the outfit.

Q: Are you a professional model? Can I book you?
A: No, I am not professional. All we do is just for fun, but we try to give our best. I have my two photographers I am working with. So it is not possible to book me for a shooting. But we had a few plans to make one or two sets with another pet or owner.